What is Cannabis Marketing?

What is Cannabis Marketing?

Let’s Talk About Cannabis Marketing

Cannabis marketing is all about letting people know about cool cannabis stuff you can buy. It’s about sharing the word online, in magazines, on the radio, and at fun events.

According to an article on Forbes, the cannabis industry is in dire need of marketing. The article states: “Marketers have ambitious goals but work with limited resources when it comes to budgets and staff.”

Rolling Stone even published an article about cannabis marketing which discusses something similar which mentions “Businesses need to find new ways to compete and stand out in an oversaturated licensed market.”

Easy Tips for Awesome Cannabis Marketing

Here are some super simple tips for making your cannabis marketing rock:

  • Keep it Simple: Make sure your ads are easy to understand. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.
  • Be Honest: Tell the truth about what you’re selling. It’s also important to follow the rules about selling cannabis.
  • Get Creative: Have fun with your ads, but remember to stay within the rules.
  • Use Data: Look at numbers and info to see if people like your ads and are buying your stuff.

Reaching Your Audience

Here’s how you can talk to the people who might buy your products:

Online Stuff:

  • Organic Searches: Make your website easy to find on search engines. Use simple words that people might type when they’re looking for cannabis products. Make sure your website is optimized for mobile and that you have a proper eCommerce store set up.
  • Paid Ads: You can run Google Ads or place banner ads on other sites. These ads can show pictures of your products and tell people about special deals.
  • Social Media: Utilize different platforms like Instagram or Facebook to show off your products. Engage with influencers to show your products with fun pictures or short videos. Just remember, each social media has its own rules about what you can post about cannabis.

Offline Stuff:

  • Newspaper Ads: Even though lots of people are online, many still read newspapers. Put ads in local newspapers, such as the Pennysaver, to reach people in your area.
  • Radio: Radio ads are great for catching people’s attention, especially when they’re driving or at home. Make a catchy ad that’s fun to listen to.
  • TV Commercials: TV ads can be seen by lots of people, especially during popular shows. Create a fun and memorable commercial about your cannabis products.

Fun Events

  • Host Events: If your budget allows, organize events like cannabis education talks, product launches, or community gatherings. These can be fun ways to show people what’s cool about your products.
  • Attend Local Events: Set up a booth at local fairs, markets, or festivals. It’s a great way to meet people face-to-face and let them know about your cannabis products.
  • Giveaways and Samples: If it’s legal in your area, giving away small samples or having contests can be a fun way to get people interested in what you sell.

How to Tell if Your Marketing is Working:

Check these things to see if your ads are doing well:

  • Website Visitors: How many people are checking out your website?
  • New Contacts: Are more people asking about your products?
  • Sales: Are you selling more because of your ads?

How Big is Cannabis Advertising?

This business is getting really big! In the USA, it might reach about $10 billion by 2025 because more places are saying it’s okay to sell cannabis.

What’s New in Cannabis?

Keep an eye on these cool trends:

  • Shopping Online: As laws continually change, and more states are allows the sale of cannabis, more people are buying cannabis products online because it’s easy and there’s lots to choose from.
  • Cannabis Vacations: Some people travel to places where they can legally buy and use cannabis.
  • New Products: There are all sorts of new things like snacks, creams, gummies, and oils made with cannabis.